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BEHIND THE SCENES: Scouting begins for film locations - 10 DAYS IN A MADHOUSE

BEHIND THE SCENES: Scouting begins for film locations

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(BEHIND THE SCENES is an ongoing series offering an inside look at the making of the independent film “Ten Days in a Madhouse.”)
Legend holds that some people got into the movie business after being “discovered” at Schwab’s Pharmacy in Hollywood.
Jessica Burgoyne broke into the movie business by actually working in the movie business. Sort of.
Last year at this time, she was 26-year-old graduate of Western Washington University with a degree in psychology and no real idea of what she wanted to do next.
She knew she loved movies, so while she contemplated her options, she worked at the Kelso Theater near her hometown of Longview, Wash.
Then the Martians landed.
Indie movie director Tim Hines of Pendragon Pictures was looking for smaller venues to show his film “War of the Worlds: The True Story” on Oct. 30, the eve of the 74th anniversary of Orson Wells scaring America with his radio adaptation of H.G. Welles’ 1898 novel.
Burgoyne and Hines got to talking. Before she knew, she was Hines’ production assistant.
“I was just nerding out with him over the phone,” Burgoyne told Film Files. “I guess he really liked my energy.”

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