Thursday, July 25, 2013

War Of The Worlds The True Story Receiving Rave Reviews

War Of The Worlds The True Story is receiving rave reviews from critics and fans as the movie becomes available for viewing on demand on the internet and on DVD.

Seattle, WA, USA (July 10, 2013) -- The acclaimed sci-fi horror movie War Of The Worlds The True Story, one of 208 pictures eligible for the 85th Academy Awards, has been garnering rave reviews as it is made available for internet streaming rental and to own on DVD at War Of The Worlds The True Story treats H.G. Wells first ever and most famous alien invasion novel as if it really happened and is presented as a fast paced war docudrama.
Ain't It Cool News critic Ambush Bug raved, "The best film I had the privilege of seeing this week was WAR OF THE WORLDS: THE TRUE STORY." With glowing praise, he went on to say things such as, "Even the sci fi effects feel authentic...(Entire Article)