Tuesday, March 16, 2010


A press release has gone out about my new movie in post production, WAR OF THE WORLDS - THE TRUE STORY. We tried to touch all the bases to let fans get a clear picture of what we are up to. You can read about it in Space Daily amongst other news sources. When we shot the scenes with actor Floyd Reichman in Mukilteo, at the Hogland House, Paul Archiplay from the local Beacon hung around the set one day and did this nice little story on us in his paper.

The new movie is done as a mock documentary that blends fiction and reality, much as Orson Wells did with his famous 1938 radio broadcast. The plot of War of the Worlds - The True Story is that in 1965, a film crew captured the memories of the last living survivor of the war between Earth and Mars that took place at the turn of the twentieth century.

Nothing was done with the footage until, in 2006, it was discovered in the basement vault of a condemned house. Also found in the vault with the interviews, was previously unknown footage of the actual Martian invaders and their machines of war.

The documentary is a motion picture presentation of that eyewitness account.

It's late. That's all for now.