Sunday, March 22, 2009


Just for kicks, I plan to occasionally link to commercial productions I’ve worked on over the years. Commercials, features, industrials, etc. I have worked in nearly every position in film production in the last 30 odd years. And some might be interested and/or amused by my roles in these. Lou Ferrigno will forever be THE INCREADIBLE HULK to my generation. Mr. Ferrigno is currently in a new comedy with Jason Segel, I LOVE YOU, MAN.

So, today, I was going to put up a link to a pilot for a FOX television series called 555 EXPOSE, starring Lou Ferrigno and Lauren Sinclair (Face-Off). I was one of two cinematographers on the production.

However I couldn’t find a link to it on the internet, and for the life of me I couldn’t locate my copy of the screener and I ran out of time. So I thought somebody reading this might know where a link is to a clip or the actual pilot, (if its legal), so I could link to it for amusement. If I don’t get a quick response on this from someone out there, I’ll contact the producers to get another screener.

Ms. Lauren Sinclair, some may remember, in FACE OFF, was the FBI agent that Nicholas Cage forces to eat a peach with before he throws her out of the cargo hold of a plane. Ms. Sinclair had the palest blue eyes that were just vivid on the high def camera it was shot with. I see why John Woo cast her in his film. On the 555 EXPOSE project, I actually came on as an alternate. The prime Director of Photography fell ill and had to bow out, so I was called in for the second half. I lost track of the production and I’m not sure if it got picked up, though I do not believe so.

But in any case, it was a very good experience and I loved the state of the art studios at Microsoft where the project was posted for some reason.

If you find the link I'm looking for and want to share, write to with it here. Thanks.